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Dr. Bahattin Yalçin
Dr. Bahattin Yalçin
Professor, Department of Chemistry
Marmara University, Turkey

Dr. Bahattin Yalçin is Senior Professor in Department of Chemistry at Marmara University, Turkey. He has served as Board Member of Turkey Chemical Society during the year 2010 to 2014. Dr. Yalçin has been associated with various chemical societies and journals, such as Moroccan Journal of Chemistry, Acta Biologica Turcica, Journal of The Korean Chemical Society and The Chemical Society of Ethiopia. He has also played the major key role in research based on the development of Marmara. In Materials Chemistry stream, few of his renowned research works are Transition Metal Complexes, Formation of Nanopowders by Nitrates, Synthesis of Cu II complexes.

Research Interest

Transition Metal Complexes, Atomic Research, Structural Complexity, NMR

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