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Dr. Yan Huang
Dr. Yan Huang
Head of Metallic Biomaterials Research, at Brunel Centre for Advanced Solidification Technology
Brunel University
United Kingdom

Dr. Yan Huang leads metallic biomaterials research at Brunel, working on both traditional permanent titanium implants and novel biodegradable magnesium medical devices for orthopedic cardiovascular applications. He recently won three research grants in biomaterials research from the Royal Society, EPSRC and European Commission. Dr. Huang is a founding member and co-investigator of the EPSRC Future Liquid Metal Engineering (LiME) HUB where he leads the activities on process development and light alloy processing involving both solidification and plastic deformation. He has extensive experience in process innovation for combined solidification and thermomechanical processing (semisolid forming, twin roll casting, and integrated cast-forming), solid state joining, severe plastic deformation for light alloys and light metal matrix composites. He has long-term interests in the characterization of microstructure and texture evolution during thermomechanical processing and fundamental issues of strengthening, plastic deformation and grain boundary migration.

Research Interest

Propulsion Systems, Aircraft Structures and Materials, Airworthiness and Stability and Control, Advanced racing vehicle dynamics IC engines, materials and manufacturing

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