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In this event, we glad to take immense pleasure in welcoming all experts, business owners, academics, public healthcare professionals, physicians, young researchers, and students associated with the upcoming three day hybrid event titled 4th International Conference on Materials Science and Materials Chemistry going to held in Dubai, UAE, during November 27–29, 2023, to participate in the highly professional scientific sessions and discussions.

This year's innovation theme, "Illuminating the materials research for a better world," provides an opportunity to discover new methods for doing materials research in materials science. The objective of Materials Chemistry 2023 is to discuss and demonstrate how improvements brought about by materials science and materials chemistry developed over the preceding couple of decades have increased expectations for people's daily comforts.

Beginning with the ancient stones used for a fire, a vehicle, and a shelter and continuing up to modern day's biodegradable materials, materials have benefited humans since the beginning of history. Man makes progress every day in his endeavors to improve his way of life.

The Materials Chemistry 2023, which welcomes participants from all over the world, going to provide all professionals, company owners, academics, young researchers, and students with the chance to exhibit their works. There will be countless professionals and presenters from all over the world at this conference, with keynote talks, plenary presentation, workshops, scientific sessions, poster presentations, and also a special session for young scientists to encourage their updated researchers in the Chemistry sector.

Materials Chemistry 2023 is expected to be one of the gateways for learning brand-new materials research methodologies from the authors themselves. Finding out about and comprehending the study method firsthand from the speaker is intriguing.

We looking forward to have your tremendous presence along with your participation in this brilliant event, which will take place over in the astonishing city, Dubai. And we really hope you will join us for Materials Chemistry 2023 to help us make it a success.

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