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Illuminating the materials research for a better world

Welcome Message

In this event, we are glad to take immense pleasure in welcoming all experts, business owners, academics, public healthcare professionals, physicians, young researchers, and students associated with the upcoming three-day hybrid event titled 2nd International Conference on Materials Science and Material Chemistry going to held in Edinburgh, Scotland during March 09–10, 2022, to participate in the highly professional scientific sessions and discussions.

This year's innovation theme, "Illuminating the materials research for a better world," provides an opportunity to discover new methods for doing materials research in Materials Science. The objective of Material Chemistry2022 is to discuss and demonstrate how improvements brought about by Materials Science and Material Chemistry developed over the proceeding couple of decades have increased expectations for people's daily comforts.

Beginning with the ancient stones used for a fire, a vehicle, and a shelter and continuing up to modern day's biodegradable Materials, Materials have benefited humans since the beginning of history. Man makes progress every day in his endeavors to improve his way of life.

The Material Chemistry 2022, which welcomes participants from all over the world, going to provide all professionals, company owners, academics, young researchers, and students with the chance to exhibit their works. There will be countless professionals and presenters from all over the world at this conference, with keynote talks, plenary presentation, workshops, scientific sessions, poster presentations, and also a special session for young scientists to encourage their updated researchers in the Chemistry Sector.

Material Chemisty 2022 is expected to be one of the gateways for learning brand-new materials research methodologies from the authors themselves. Finding out about and comprehending the study method firsthand from the speaker is intriguing.

We looking forward to have your tremendous presence along with your participation in this brilliant event, which will take place over in the astonishing city, Dubai. And we really hope you will join us for Material Chemistry 2022 to help us make it a success.

Target Audience

  1. Materials Scientists
  2. Research Professors
  3. Students Physicists
  4. Chemists
  5. Junior/Senior Research Fellows in
  6. Materials Science Students
  7. Directors of chemical companies
  8. Materials Engineers
  9. Members of different Materials Science associations
  10. Polymer companies

Scientific Sessions/Tracks

Materials Chemistry

The headways thatempowered the advancement of expectations for the everyday comforts ofindividuals in the previous couple of decades are the consequence of developmentsthat occurred through MaterialsScience and MaterialsChemistry building. They are creating at a pace that is unmatchable to someother field. MaterialsChemistry coordinates towards the engineering and amalgamation of materialsof higher potential, utilizing the ideas of Physical science. These materialsconvey attractive, electronic, a reactant or natural uniqueness. Thesecreations prompted the improvement of redesigned manufacturing procedures.Structure assumes a fundamental job in this stream. The materials have diversekinds of structures, starting from the nuclear dimension to the full-scalelevel. They incorporate natural structures and electronic reinforced structurestoo. The quality of bond and structure rely upon the sub-atomic mechanics ofiotas and bonds related.

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Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineeringis the study of how to transform raw materials into usable goods like clothing,food, and energy. Chemical engineers concentrate on goods and processes. Tocreate items, they build and design processes. Modern chemical engineering isconcerned not only with creating useful materials, but also with developinginnovative new technologies like nanotechnology, fuel cells, and biomedicalengineering.

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Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology

The destiny of theWorld's future, for the most part, lies on Nanotechnologywhich is the structure of sensible systems at the subatomic scale. Anincreasingly reasonable view is that it will leave basically no part of lifeimmaculate and is required to be in across the board use by 2020. Massapplications are probably going to have an extraordinary effect especially inindustry, drug, new figuring frameworks, and manageability. Throughout thefollowing quite a long while, noteworthy advances are normal in carbon nanotubeproducing innovation, explicitly in controlling the virtue and structure, andin lessening costs because of economies of scale. Late use of Nanomaterialswires a degree of biomedical applications, for example, tissue arranging,steady transport, Nano-solution, Nanobiotechnology, Green Nanotechnology,Carbon Nanotubes mix and biosensors. A champion among the most fundamentalmechanical research in the light of this stream is the improvement ofMetal-Organic Frameworks. These MFOs have a broad assortment of commitment tomechanical employments.

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Biomaterials, Tissueengineering and Health Care

Biomaterials are acreating field that spotlights on the improvement of materials to supersede orbroaden human tissues. It is considered as an aid in the therapeutic field.Tissue structuring is a subset of Biomaterialsand is rapidly reaching out as a treatment for a broad assortment ofrestorative conditions. Advances in tissue planning coordinate divulgences fromnaturalscience, cell and nuclear science, and materials science to conveythree-dimensional structures with attractive properties that enable us tooverride or fix hurt, missing or deficiently working normal fragments.Bioengineers, biomedical specialists, medicinal gadget fashioners, specialistsand other therapeutic and biotechnology experts depend on materials researchersto help with the plan and combination of new materials and materials frameworksthat are appropriate for restorative inserts. This could incorporatebio-inorganic half breed frameworks, for example, BioMEMS, inserts, (for example,dental materials, cardiovascular stents made of shape memory compounds andmedication discharging hydrogels), and biomimetic frameworks, which can mirrorthe working of natural frameworks. In view of these thoughts, new biomaterialsand progressions are expecting a key occupation in the improvement ofpresent-day dentistry and their headway requires a multidisciplinary-basedincredible examines. Valuation for continuous advances in Biomaterial ofdentistry would incite finding the best application and the best treatmenttechniques to improve the treatment consequences of patients. These materialsare utilized in restorative applications, consequently involves biomedicalgadgets to perform different activities in the medicinal field.

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Polymers, Ceramics,and Composites

20 unique families comprisingof around 15,000 distinct kinds of building materials, for example, glues,plastics, rubbers, and so on, which are light, consumption safe materials withlow quality and solidness are monetarily accessible as polymers. They aregenerally not appropriate for high-temperature applications but rather aresensibly economical and can be effectively framed into an assortment of shapesand structures. Pottery has been utilized in common structures for aconsiderable length of time. They are utilized in numerous old structures thathave made due to the present day – the incredible pyramid of Giza, the GreatWall of China. These structures demonstrate that earthenware production isextremely impervious to erosion and wear, and can be utilized in numerous applications,despite the fact that they might be weak. The compositecan be customized to create a lot of properties that are interesting and can'tbe given by the individual constituents alone. Composites can be thought of asa solitary material that has been upgraded by the expansion of anothermaterial. Normally, composites are a mix of filler material, either particlesor strands and a network material that encompasses the filler, more often thannot a polymer.Other than these materials, combinations, metals, minerals, plasma, liquids,and so on are for the most part covering a noteworthy lump of our condition andit is profoundly difficult to dream a world without these materials as a resultof their broad utilization.

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Materials in Defense,Aerospace and Mechanical engineering

For any nation to actnaturally adequate innovatively, they will put a great deal in the defense sectorapart from the Department of Mechanicaland AerospaceEngineering, absolutely in assembling innovation and address the issue ofvitality with regards to the worldwide vitality condition. The presentspotlight is on the globalized intensity and expanded the consciousness of theearth which made the assembling fundamentally unique with more accentuation onfocused advancements and the board approaches. The Department of Mechanicaland AerospaceEngineering will deliver to the need for clean innovations that includecarbon catch and capacity, interest in sustainable wellsprings of vitality,elective powers are viewed as fundamental R&D needs of a nation. The needto improve efficiencies in its transportation part, vitality delivering gadgetsand cleaner coal innovations are taking off day by day which underlines thespotlight to be shed on the various regions.

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Electrical, Optical, and MagneticMaterials

A channel is a kind ofmaterial that allows the flood of electrical flow in somewhere around onebearing. Electrical flow is made by the flood of conversely charged electrons,determinedly charged holes, and positive or negative particles from time totime. This social affair of materials is described by its handiness. Semiconductors,metals, and pottery generation are used today to outline significantly complexsystems, for instance, composed electronic circuits, optoelectronic devices,and appealing and optical mass amassing media. In insight contact, thedistinctive materials, with totally controlled properties, play out differentlimits, including the setting, planning, transmission, accumulating, and showof information. Electronic, alluring and optical materials ask about combinesthe essential benchmarks of solid-state physical science and science, ofelectronic and mixture building, and of MaterialsScience. Optical Nano materials for Photonics/Bio photonics EngineeringApplications of Spectroscopy Lasers in Medical and Biology Advances inDielectric Materials and Electronic Devices.

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Materials Science inConstruction Engineering

The plan, designing andgeneration of innovative CompositionalMaterials and items is an intriguing part of a building which requires alot of imaginative aptitudes. To make items and materials that help themodeler’s vision for each venture dependent on the interesting style,programming and execution is a lot and for which embracement of advancementsfrom a wide scope of businesses both inside and outside development andengineering is critical and that will just outcome in a legitimate arrangement.The world has required basic engineers to in like manner focus on the reuse ofvital materials and resources, which accordingly has made invigorating troublesin perceiving how to falsely and precisely balance out these materials forreuse. Current challenges require the utilization of micromechanics, portrayalgadgets, thermodynamics, vitality, and valuation of creating strategies tohandle issues. Basic pros need to modify and associate multidisciplinaryprinciples to deal with issues and need to use near approaches to manage thoseused as a piece of solid rocket powers, concrete, metals, and ceramicgeneration. One of the best presents for the structure materials division isevidently the never-ending raising of the bar by various national organizingworkplaces on "green" building. In history, there are inclines instructure materials from being ordinary to ending up more man-made andcomposite; biodegradable to suffering; indigenous (close-by) to beingtransported completely; repairable to unnecessary; and chose for extendeddimensions of fire prosperity. These examples will, in general, growfundamental and whole deal financial, organic, essentialness, and social costsof structural materials.

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Mining, Metallurgy andMaterials Science

Materialscience impacts metallurgy more than one could imagine. Powder metallurgyis a term covering a wide scope of fields in which materials or parts areconveyed using metal powders. They can avoid, or staggeringly decrease, theneed to utilize metal expulsion shapes and can lessen the expenses. Pyrometallurgy solidifies warm treatment of minerals and metallurgical metals andthinks to recognize physical and considerable changes in the materials toempower recuperation of valuable metals. Total learning of metallurgy canassist us with isolating the metal in an increasingly possible manner and canbe utilized to a progressively expansive locale. The extraction of beneficialminerals or other geographical materials from the earth is called as Mining andMetallurgy is the field of Materials Sciencethat courses of action with physical and fabricated nature of the metallic andintermetallic mixes and blends. Particular methodologies and developments usedas a piece of the extraction and age of various metals are extractions ofmetals from minerals, cleaning; Metal tossing Technology, plating, showering,etc. in the plan of strategies, the metal is exposed to thermo genic andcryogenic conditions to explore the disintegration, quality, and solidness andto guarantee that the metal has crept securely.

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Additive Manufacturing/3DPrinting

AdditiveManufacturing is the branch of Materials Science that deals with buildingobjects by layering materials succeeding one another. The most common additivemanufacturing techniques are Sheet Lamination, Binder Jetting, MaterialExtrusion, Powder Bed Fusion, Directed Energy Deposition, Vat PhotoPolymerization, & Material Jetting. All of these are categorized under 3sections namely, Powder based, Liquid based and Solid based. It is aninter-disciplinary branch of materials science that includes studyingmaterial's nature, physical properties, chemical properties, use of computersand modeling software, and manufacturing machines.

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Energy materials inrenewable and sustainable energy development

This is a standoutamongst the most famous fields in MaterialsScience. The consumption of characteristic assets and the overall incrementin the populace joined with the different topographical and social weights arecompelling a move from petroleum products to inexhaustible and economicvitality sources. Materials, for example, super capacitors, vitalitystockpiling in batteries, thermoelectric gadgets, vitality transformationthrough sun-oriented cells, power modules. And so forth, is the desire forsustainable power sources. Association of materials in vitality applications isa functioning zone of research that has extraordinary importance to certifiabledifficulties. Research situated here, for the most part, points towards theneed to produce vitality all the more economically and cost-adequately, whichought to decrease the contamination level (Carbon decrease) and help to economyclimb too. The fundamental research region in this stream is FunctionalCeramics and Inorganics, Photonic Materials, Electrochemical Materials, TissueEngineering, Polymermaterials advancement, and so forth. In MaterialsScience, materials are key barricades to improve the execution of vitalityadvancements. These incorporate vitality stockpiling in solar boards and cells,Photovoltaics, battery, superconductors and Hydrogen stockpiling. Right now,the majority of the exploration around there is centered on the improvement ofClean Energy Materials. Geothermal vitality, Hydroelectric power, windvitality, warm vitality, and so forth., are the other real wellsprings ofsustainable power source on the planet. This field is totally founded onresearch, which definitely lead to new developments in materials science lateron. Semiconductors and Super capacitors Piezo-electric Photovoltaic materialsHydrogen Storage Materials Fuel cells and Smart matrix Solar cell materials andgadgets Advanced battery advances Sustainability of Materials.

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Role of MaterialsChemistry in Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals industry

Chemistryis really behind all the energizing revelations and advances that are occurringtoday in the fields of biotechnology and materials science. Without atomicscience, which is science, every one of the advances in both these fields issimply wouldn't be conceivable. The quick advancement of science and innovationdepends to a great extent on the improvement of cutting edgematerials and theproficient utilization of concoction and organic responses. With the moreprominent modernity of science and innovation as the enhancement of industry,it is presently emphatically requested to acknowledge the structure andimprovement of the new materials with different capacities, the advancement ofthe assembling process, the decrease of the environmental contamination andpowerful creation of valuable biomaterials and this cleared path for theintroduction of Biotechnology. It supplies the basic information and itsapplication for the material structure at nuclear and sub-atomic dimensions,high-esteem expansion materials. Materials Science andChemistry understanding is a key factor to consider in medication substanceand medication item process improvement. The material properties for thedynamic pharmaceutical fixing, excipients, and intermediates can impact theprocedure and item execution. Materials science is presently helpingpharmaceutical organizations to institutionalize and control territories, forexample, medicate structure and assembling to convey new items all the morerapidly and with more prominent quality. The pharma business is progressivelygrasping the standards of Quality by Design to improve effectiveness andguarantee great quality and diminished fluctuation all through the medicationcreation process which is outlandish without the guide of Materials sciencebuilding standards and procedures.

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Surface Science andengineering

Surface Scienceand designing is the field of science which manages the investigation of the materialsurfaces and interfaces looking to control and upgrade the properties of theoutside of material like erosion, wear obstruction, biocompatibility, and soon. This is the place Materials Chemistry, Materials science and consumptiondesigning comes into the image. Numerous innovations and fields like Si gadgetinnovation, MEMS, biomaterials, Nano materials, aviation and car buildingutilize surface designing standards for better coatings on materials-all tryingto streamline different surface properties (for example biocompatibility,consumption and wear obstruction).

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Materials for BiomedicalApplications

Since a few decades ago, Biomedical Materialsscience has been a recognised scientific discipline. Because the use ofinnovative dental and biomedical materials produces better results, newfabrication procedures have revolutionised conventional treatment methods. Thebiomimetic approach, a new paradigm for expected standards for cutting-edgepatient care, is the focus of current research. The availability of bioactivematerials with increased mechanical and physical qualities has been madepossible by advancements in dental materials research.

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Textile and FiberMaterials

A material texture is apart of materials which is adaptable and involves a system of counterfeit orcommon strands. It is widely utilized for clothing purposes. It is made throughprocedures like weaving, sewing, spreading, knitting, or holding after which itis utilized for clothing purposes. It is of different starting points fromplant to creature subsidiaries. Latest advances in materials enterprisesincorporate eco-accommodating material and materials delivered from depositslike waste and buildups. This track manages the different handling systems andmanufacture of materials. Fibre is a sortof a unique substance which has an extraordinary normal for being longer thanbeing wide. It very well may be both regular and engineered. It very well maybe delicate and weak and can be likewise more grounded than fortified steele.g. carbon fibre. We have now created helpful strands from different materialslike metallic filaments, optical fibre, silicon carbide filaments, fibre glass,microfibers and mineral filaments which are currently being broadly utilized.

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Sensors technology

Electrochemicalsensors and biosensors have discovered expansive broad applications inarranged endeavors off late. Nowadays, numerous explanatory instrumentsutilized in natural, sustenance, pharmaceutical, or clinical labs and moreoverthe majority of the business purpose of-care gadgets work utilizing syntheticsensors or biosensors. Step by step, the quantities of sensors or biosensorsoriginating from the seat of research labs to the rack of the business marketsare expanding. Because of the intense interest of the world market and humanenthusiasm for having the gadget to check the grouping of species in variousexamples, straightforward and quick, lately, a hard challenge on plan and buildof new sensors and biosensors have happened among the scientists. Right now,enquires about in this field centre around the improvement of novel sensormaterials progressed biosensorsand gadgets utilizing the assortment of contributions for differingapplications including ecological and security checking, diagnostics andwearable hardware. Additionally, they are utilized in watching the environmentlike temperature, moistness, weight, position, vibration, sound, and so onother than utilizing in different ongoing applications to perform differentassignments like shrewd recognizing, the revelation of neighbour hub,information preparing and capacity, information accumulation, target following,screen and controlling, synchronization, hub limitation, and viable steeringbetween the base station and hubs. Sensors dependent on bio-perfectpiezoelectric polymeric Nano are being created for applications in biomedicine.

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Emerging Smart Materials

The limit of a nation tosaddle nature and its ability to adjust up to the challenges posed by it ismanaged by its absolute learning of materials and its ability to make andconvey them for various applications. Moved Materials are at the centre ofvarious creative enhancements that touch our lives. Electronic materials forcorrespondence and information advancement, optical fibres, laser strandssensors for the quick condition, imperativeness materials for manageable powersource and condition, light blends for better transportation, materials for keyapplications and that is only the start. The medieval ages where stone, bronze,steel was utilized have now prompted the development of Ceramics, Minerals fromwhere Metallurgy field stirred. Material science, Chemistry, thermodynamics anda few different fields of science have looked into metals, amalgams, silica andcarbonNanomaterialMaterialScience has now upset from metals and composites to semiconductors,plastics, biomaterial, rubbers, polymers, attractive materials, therapeuticembed materials, nanomaterial, and so forth. Keen structures are gadgets madeout of savvy materials fit for detecting improvements, reacting to it andreturning to its unique state after the upgrades are evacuated. Self-HealingMaterials, Magnetocaloric and thermoelectric materials, Polycaprolactone arerising shrewd structures. Shrewd structures can oppose characteristicdisasters. A few materials like LiTraCon, Silicon, Aerogels, Graphene,Fullerene, Metamaterials, Quantum Dots and Lithium-Ion Batteries have beenrising. These rising brilliant materials have discovered potential applicationsin wellbeing, aviation, car industry and so forth.

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Computational MaterialsScience

The objective of ComputationalMaterials Science is to give an account of results that give new bits ofknowledge into or fundamentally grow our comprehension of, the properties ofmaterials or marvels related with their plan, amalgamation, preparing,portrayal, and use. Computational strategies assume a focal job in materialsscience and science. All parts of current materials demonstrating are ofenthusiasm, including quantum substance strategies, thickness practicalhypothesis (DFT), semi-experimental and traditional methodologies, factualmechanics, nuclear scale reproductions, mesoscale displaying, and stage fieldsystems. At present, the vast majority of the analysts are occupied with theimprovement and utilization of strategies to process the nuclear and electronicstructure of materials. Ongoing applications incorporate materials forelectronic applications, nano-electromechanics, and vitality. This field willonly become more pervasive as computer power advances in the decades ahead.

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Analytical Methods andInstrumentation Techniques in Materials Science

Investigative strategiesin this stream incorporate the examination of materials to know their auxiliaryproperties, compound organization, and usefulness. A portion of the principleemployment of diagnostic systems in MaterialsScience is to segregate the material as indicated by their quality. Thestrategies which are utilized in investigation work are the spatiotemporalsummation, X-beam scattering with Spectrometer system, Laser-quickened moleculepillar assessment method, and so forth. Investigative Chemistry assumes anincredible job in distinguishing the nature of sustenance, drugs, and differentsynthetic substances which are in day by day life in this manner assuming acritical job in quality control. The emotional development of endeavors to lookinto nanoscale materials and procedures have made it basic to catch and outlinethe front-line instrumentation and systems that have turned out to be vital forlogical examination in this field of Materials Science. In materials science,instrumentation procedures are viewed as cutting edge inquires about, in lightof the fact that it needs the contribution of computational techniques and PCmimicked estimation devices. Most favoured instrumentation systems are Imagingstrategies utilized in materials science are Tomographic imaging, Scatteringprocedures, Spectroscopy methods and imaging, Simultaneous MeasurementCapabilities, SEM, TEM, Microscopy, X-beam diffraction, Thermo-explanatoryprocedures, and so on.

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Materials in Industry

The advancement andutilization of new Materialshave given the mechanical premise to semiconductors, stockpiling gadgets,showcases, and framework mix that today are the premise of differententerprises. This plainly demonstrates the significance of materials science atthe modern dimension. In ventures, Materials Scienceexamine depends on distinguishing new materials and procedure not exclusivelyto improve current advances yet, in addition, to give exploratory materials tofuture innovation. In driving businesses, the progressing research on materialsscience is on Novel Insulators, Organic Semiconductors, Nanoscale Magneticmaterials, Graphene, and so on.

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Future scope in MaterialsScience

The exploration of MaterialsChemistry at present depends on the improvement of new materials utilizingsynthetic compounds and constrained regular assets. These explorations arefundamentally pointed towards the viewpoint of future assets and theadvancement of improved substance materials. These examinations are for themost part the utilization of one stream into another. Maybe a couple of thefavoured subjects in both Research and Industries are as per the followingPetrochemicals Green Chemistry Plastics Processing Glass Processing Paper andCardboard Processing Mesoporous Materials Synthesis Surfaces and Interfacesstudy Organic electronics Research on Organo catalysis and PhotocatalysisResearch on Water Splitting.

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Market Analysis

Material Science direct towards the synthesis and amalgam of materials of higher potential, using the concepts of physical chemistry. These materials convey attractive, electronic, a reactant or natural uniqueness. These creations prompted the advancement of redesigned manufacture strategies.

There are many worldwide organizations related to the creation of materials created through the ideas of science. The production of the advanced materials needs the knowledge of both chemical and physio-chemical material concepts. To develop these materials there is and an essential role of research wing (induced by production cost) within the company and most importantly the cost the material to the market. R&D operations are as important as other operation within the firms, but it provides new innovations, higher quality product, higher-margin materials as well as products.

View ahead in global markets:

The future for R&D development in the Chemical material advancement field demonstrates a case of progress in the worldwide economy and concerned market with the ventures also.

According to the global business reports, this field is forecast to grow by 3.6% to reach $12 billion in the year 2014. The overall worldwide R&D forecast to grow a marginally higher 4.7% rate to reach $45 billion in the year 2014


In the past 8 years, the global economy hasn't reached the 35-year GDP growth. But the interesting fact to be noticed here is the spectacular growth in the chemical industry economy, which is even contributing to additional growth in the global market. According to the report of recent years economic growth, we can clearly observe the fantastic $382 billion hike in 2016.

In the USA, the new administration is likely to grasp government policies that are contradictory to free trade and proliferation as well as to decrease the protocols in business. This news agrees that this could increase demand for chemicals by exhilarating investment in domestic manufacturers.


The middle east is experiencing the monetary rebuilding stage because of low oil costs and withdrawal in the measure of petroleum product. This economic condition is leading towards various new chemical industry establishments in those regions. According to economists, in the near future, we can find 16 percent of the domestic growth in Middle East regions through Chemical material manufacturing Industries.

In Asia Pacific, China has a GDP growth of 6 percent that is almost double the rest of the world. This obviously demonstrates China stays one of the most brilliant spots in the improvement of the Chemical materials.


Associations related to Material Sciences:

  • American Concrete Institute (ACI)
  • American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)
  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
  • ASM International the Materials Information Society - ASM International
  • Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining (IOM3)
  • International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
  • Materials Research Society (MRS)
  • Microscopy Society of America (MSA)
  • Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering (SAMPE)
  • Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE)

Major Universities excelling in Material Science:

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Stanford University
  • Nanyang Technological University
  • University of Cambridge
  • University of Oxford
  • University of California
  • EPLF (École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne)
  • Harvard University
  • Tsinghua University
  • Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Imperial College London
  • Northwestern University
  • National University of Singapore
  • ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
  • University of Illinois

Past Conference Report

We would like to express our sincere gratitude towards the Moderator, Speakers, Keynote Speakers, Organizing Committee Members, Attendees, Guests for their thought provoking speeches, and for makingMaterials Chemistry2019 a fruitful and memorable event.

AAC hosted the 3rd International Conference on Materials Science and Materials Chemistry during October 14-15, 2019 in Vienna, Austria based on the theme“Universal Forum and Forecast on Innovations in Advanced Materials and Technologies”.

Materials Chemistry2019 was marked with multiple sessions, keynote presentations and panel discussions. We received active participation and generous response from organizing committee members, scientists, young and brilliant researchers, business delegates and talented communities who made this Conference as one of the most successful and productive events in 2019 from AAC.

The Conference was initiated with a warm opening ceremony function. The proceedings went through interactive sessions and panel discussions headed byHonorable ModeratorDr. Diego Fernando Devia Narváez, Technological University of Pereira, Colombia.

The meeting was carried out through various sessions, in which the discussions were held on the following major scientific tracks:

  • Materials Science and Engineering
  • Materials Chemistry
  • Nanotechnology
  • Energy Materials
  • Composite Materials
  • Biomaterials
  • Computational Materials Science
  • Anti-Corrosion
  • Energy Generation
  • Construction Materials

The conference proceedings were carried out through various Scientific-sessions and plenary lectures, of which the following Speakers were highlighted asKeynote speakers and Plenary speakers:

Valery N Khabashesku | Baker Hughes, a GE Company | USA
Masafumi Yamaguchi | Toyota Technological Institute | Japan
Constantina Lekakou | University of Surrey | UK
Andrey Dmitriev | Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences | Russia
Jeewon Lee | Korea University | Republic of Korea
Tai-Horng Young | National Taiwan University | Taiwan
Gerd Kaupp | University of Oldenburg | Germany
Nickolaos Kanellopoulos | National Center for Scientific Research | Greece
Luis Esquivias Fedriani | University of Seville | Spain
Maria Michela Dell’Anna | Polythecnic University of Bari | Italy
Vojislav V Mitic | University of Nis | Serbia
Yan Zhuge | University of South Australia | Australia
Mineo Hiramatsu | Meijo University | Japan
Dieter Herlach | Institute of Materials Physics in Space | Germany
Väino Sammelselg | University of Tartu | Estonia
Luis Alberto Lightbourn Rojas | Lightbourn Research Institute | Mexico
Sergei Mileiko | Institute of Solid State Physics RAS | Russia
Somnath Bhattacharyya | University of Witwatersrand | South Africa
Syed Mohammed Javaid Zaidi | Qatar University | Qatar
Vitalina Kukueva | Cherkassy State Technological University | Ukraine
Oluwatobi Samuel Oluwafemi | University of Johannesburg | South Africa
Claudio Alberto Téllez Soto | The Brazil University - Sao Paulo | Brazil
Ossama Alkhatib | Al-Farabi Dental College | Saudi Arabia
Gennadiy M Filippov | Chuvash State Pedagogical University | Russia
Claudio Scarponi | Sapienza University of Rome | Italy
Ana-Maria Albu | Politehnica University of Bucharest | Romania
Amit Garg | University of Delhi | India
Roie Yerushalmi | The Hebrew University of Jerusalem | Israel
Ilise L Feitshans | Work Health and Survival Project | USA
Sergey Krutovertsev | JSC Ecological sensors and systems | Russia
José Angel Loredo-Medrano | University of Nuevo Leon | Mexico
Hossam Ahmed Aly Moustafa Teama | Abu Qir Fertilizers and chemical industries company | Egypt
Sarvinaz Hajiyeva | Baku State University | Azerbaijan

AAC has taken the privilege of felicitating the Organizing Committee, Keynote Speakers who supported for the success of this event.Materials Chemistry2019 Organizing Committee congratulates the awardees for their outstanding performance in the field of Materials Science and Materials Chemistry Engineering and appreciates all the participants who put their efforts in presentations and sincerely wishes them success in future endeavors.

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Conference Date March 09-10, 2022
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